Oxford Pride

“The parade gave me hope for the future in the South. I never could have imagined that many people in Mississippi cheering us on.”
Nathan Adams, UM alum (Art)


“LOU Pride meant that the Oxford LGBTQ community and allies could finally openly show their bravery and love together.”
Kendrick Wallace, UM student (Exercise Science)

LOU Pride Parade-7099.jpg

“The highlight for me was coming around the Abner’s corner and seeing all the rainbow-colored people hanging off balconies and filling the streets. I got chill bumps and tears from that and the realization that so many people that I love who have felt marginalized could physically see their support in the town they lived in.”
Claire Whitehurst, UM alum (Art)


“I have a renewed faith in humanity!”
Captain Libby Lytle, OPD Retired